Customized business continuity solutions for enterprise resilience

Minimize disruptions and maintain operations through any disruption with AI-driven insights

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Enhance efficiency and get custom insights to elevate your performance

Designed for leaders in your role, our platform alleviates workload, and equips you with the insights and control, aligning you with success, growth, and recognition within your organization

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Real-time customised dashboards

Monitor stores for disruptions like outages, weather, water safety

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Automated disruption notifications

Proactively detect food quality and illness issues before they spread

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Customer sentiment analysis (opinion mining)

Strenghten your ability to respond effectively to customer feedback

Trusted by industry leaders in food and public health

Personalized platform for performance enhancement

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  • Customized visual summaries

    View complex data through intuitive overviews designed specifically for your workflows

  • Insights identification

    Choose from risk forecasts, trend analysis, actionable recommendations, and more

  • Proactive contingency planning

    Create contingencies to reroute shipments, trigger orders, and mobilize response teams

  • Preferred delivery formats

    Select from emails, SMS, dashboards, maps, and other options to receive the insights you need

  • Seamless integration

    Our Business Continuity platform integrates with your team, delivering real-time data and insights

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Featured news

Partnering with industry leaders

"We are delighted to have Cheesecake Factory as one of our premiere partners. Cheesecake Factory are thought leaders in the food safety space, their commitment to food safety, attention to detail, and exemplary leadership are a perfect fit for our services"
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The future of food safety is digital

Discover how Chick-Fil-A utilizes social media in their food safety program: " For us in this journey with analytics and food safety, we're going from a place of hindsight to insight ... and eventually foresight so we can be more proactive in helping our Restaurants better identify and address food safety risks,"
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New technology for a safer food system

"The New Era of smarter Food Safety initiative will build on the foundation built by the Food Safety Modernization Act by using new technologies and approaches to help create a more digital, safer, and traceable food system "
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