Food safety risk management solutions

Proactive protection for your business. All in one place. Powered by AI

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Trusted by industry leaders in food and public health

We provide cutting-edge, intuitive, and holistic solutions that support businesses in managing risks, compliance, hazards, and customer engagement effectively and efficiently.

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Proactively handle your risks with our innovative platform

Layer 1

Risk monitoring

Stay ahead of food safety and operational risks, including foodborne illness, extreme weather, boil water notices, power outages, and more

Features 1

Data analytics

Leverage our secure, scalable platform with advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning to turn data into actionable insights and predictive intelligence, enhancing strategic decision-making and performance

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Customer engagement

Turn your customer food safety concerns into trust-building opportunities. Significantly reduce business risk and improve your customer retention

Features 3

Hazard reporting

Enhance safety and responsiveness, reduce business risks through real-time, field-based hazard reporting and critical event management

Features 4

Reputation management

Monitor, benchmark, and protect your brand reputation. Transform customer feedback into valuable insights

Features 2

Compliance support

Simplify multi-jurisdictional compliance with our extensive health regulator database and interactive mapping

Use cases
Our services, data, and capabilities tailored to address a range of use cases


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Food retail & Grocery

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Business Continuity

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Customer care

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Asset protection

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Quality assurance

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Power outage monitoring

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Get ahead of risks with our complimentary insight reports

A summary of business continuity & food safety risks customized for your brand and locations

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Access food safety insights from the #1 consumer food safety crowdsourcing platform

  • Real-time data
  • Early warning alerts re potential outbreaks
  • Facilitate customer care/recovery
  • Reduce headline risk

How it works

Enhancing risk control with personalized insights

  • 1

    Initiate data feed

    Our risk monitoring solution gathers data from key locations such as storefronts and headquarters, aligning with your business's structure to provide insights for proactive management and excellence.

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  • 2

    Tailored alert selection for your needs

    We pinpoint key risks at each location, including health, safety, and compliance, offering specialized alerts for issues like foodborne illness, power outages, weather, and safety violations to safeguard your operations.

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  • 3

    Choose your metrics and analysis points

    • Performance metrics
    • Risk assessment
    • Forecast analysis
    • Recommendations
    • Trend analysis
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    Personalized insight delivery

    We customize the delivery of insights through channels like Email, SMS, App, or Map-Based reports, allowing you to set the distribution logic, specify recipients, and select report frequency to match your needs.

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  • 5

    Customized summaries

    We collaborate to construct custom visual summaries of risk factors, reports, and action items, providing an intuitive overview tailored specifically to your needs and risk landscape.

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    We are committed to ongoing improvement

    We constantly refine your custom solution, using AI technology to keep pace with your business needs and industry trends.

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Why choose us

Unique market data, expertise and technology - all in one place

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    Our exclusive relationship with, we have critical food safety insights, that no other platform can offer

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    With years of experience in the field, we bring unmatched industry knowledge and insights

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    We harness the power of AI and Big Data to deliver real-time, actionable insights

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    We provide solutions that require zero technical work on your part. Just seamless implementation and immediate value

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    We pride ourselves on our client-first approach, offering round-the-clock support for our platform and services

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