Protect your Workforce in a Post Covid-19 World

Keep staff safe, customers safe, and stores open.

The New Normal

Covid-19 has changed the face of business risk management. The stakes have never been higher

Retain & Build Consumer Trust

A unique challenge, requiring a unique solution.

Why Change, Why Now.

The companies that survive and thrive vs those that do not.
  • Grow Revenue

    • Avoid/Shorten Closures
    • Attract Positive Media
    • Improve Perception
  • Avoid & Lower Costs From:

    • Negative Media Coverage
    • Staff Walkouts
    • Staff Turnover
    • Recruitment Challenges
  • Regulatory Compliance

    • OSHA Compliance
    • Safe Work Conditions
    • Future Proof New Rules

Get Answers in Real Time

Preempt issues before they become larger problems. Excel and lists will not cut it.
  • Predict

    Detect hot spots In advance: Which stores or regions are showing a buildup of reports? Where are clusters of symptoms being reported.
  • Positive Cases

    How many confirmed positive cases do we have? How many staff have declared ineligible for work? Which regions are most impacted?
  • Illness Timelines

    How many of our ‘casual exposure’ cases turn into confirmed positive cases? How long does it take our confirmed positive cases to get back to work after diagnosed?
  • Test and Measure

    Did a new process we introduced have a positive impact on health outcomes?
  • News Media PR Management

    Do we have an event or situation with potential negative social media or news media coverage in a new area? Which stores need to be preemptively shutdown and cleaned out?
  • Positions most at risk

    Which staff positions in our brand are most at risk? Where is more PPE needed? Where do need to do greater training?

Real Time Dashboard

A powerful and flexible analytics platform, customizable for every use case.
  • Real time Mapping

    Map, and overly data to identify hot spots and clusters early. The ability to overlay store locations with confirmed positive cases, and partner and third party inputs.
  • Aging, Top 10 Lists, Key Metrics

    Customized screens identifying key metrics for your company at a glance.
  • Visualize and identify trends instantly

    Trends at the brand level, state level, county level. Identify regions that are ramping up vs flattening, providing more time to act.
  • Management view & 'Staff-Sourcing'

    Collect information in real time at the source, from staff, or onsite management. Allowing for consistent data capture and immediate reporting, and further empower staff to help become part of the solution.

Anonymous Data Pooling Helps Industry

Contribute anonymous, zip code level data, and gain access to platform wide data - giving enhanced regional insight, improving predictive power and insights.

Trusted by regulators, industry and news media.

Our team runs the number one food safety crowdsourcing website in the world, with a track record of detecting issues in real time, and improving health and business outcomes.

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