Protect Your Workforce. Comply with CDC Covid-19 Hot Spots Guidance.

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CDC Guidance Calls For Special Action For Covid-19 Case Increases in The Local Area

Simplify Covid-19 Hot Spot Analytics & Insights for Your Brands.

Two levels of service to best fit your needs

  • Hot Spot Alerts

    Automated notifications for your stores. Identify Covid-19 "Hot Spots" early, accelerate response times, and implement risk procedures proactively vs reactively. 

  • Hot Spot Dashboard

    All the features of 'Hot Spot Alerts' plus dashboard access, analytics, our proprietary risk weighted Covid-19 scorecard and customized reporting. 

Covid-19 Hot Spot Alerts

Daily email to efficiently monitor Covid-19 "Hot Spots" in need of special actions to avoid negative consequences. 

  • Hotspot Alerts

    Store Level Insights

    Rapid identification of stores located in high risk locations, based on our proprietary risk weighted algorithm. Identify store locations with high levels of community spread, and spiking risk exposure. Implement thresholds to ensure you get the right notifications at the right time  

  • Proximity2

    Proximity Based Notifications

    Get automated notifications of Covid outbreaks and regulatory issues nearby to your facilities. Including local news, OSHA and other state and local notices.  

Covid-19 Hot Spot Dashboard

A complete data table with charts and filtering features enabled allowing for deeper analysis and customized information.

  • Deep Dive into Local Areas

    Filter on key fields, drill down to the county level to view demographic data, county statistics, and raw numbers to help get a sense of the urgency and scale.

  • Optional Overlay

    USDA Meat facilities, Nursing Homes, and Correctional facilities shown in a table and pinned on the map to provide situational awareness.

  • Real-time Insights

    Get store insights on your phone, and permission for regional or store management, to easily get access to data and updates anywhere, anytime.

Simple Approach to Regulatory Covid-19 Hot Spot Guidance for the Best Outcome

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

  • 1

    Provide Store Information

    Provide a list of all your locations, including street, city, state, and zip

  • 2

    Choose Specifics

    Choose your alert sensitivity, frequency, and level of service.

  • 3

    Provide Contact Info

    Provide emails for stakeholders that need to be kept informed of changes in location status.

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