Unleashing safety & quality in food and retail networks

Tailored insights for proactive management across your unique food service landscape.

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Real-time, customizable solution with seamless integration

From compliance to brand reputation and efficiency, our platform is tailored to your unique roles, enabling proactive management and adaptability, fostering excellence in today's dynamic food industry.

Use cases
Customizable solution for food industry businesses

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    Restaurants and QSRs
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    Food retail & Grocery

Trusted by industry leaders in food and public health

How it works

Enhancing risk control with personalized insights

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    Initiate data feed

    Our risk monitoring solution gathers data from key locations such as storefronts and headquarters, aligning with your business's structure to provide insights for proactive management and excellence.

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    Tailored alert selection for your needs

    We pinpoint key risks at each location, including health, safety, and compliance, offering specialized alerts for issues like foodborne illness, power outages, weather, and safety violations to safeguard your operations.

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    Choose your metrics and analysis points

    • Performance Metrics
    • Risk Assessment
    • Forecast Analysis
    • Recommendations
    • Trend Analysis
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    Personalized insight delivery

    We customize the delivery of insights through channels like Email, SMS, App, or Map-Based reports, allowing you to set the distribution logic, specify recipients, and select report frequency to match your needs.

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    Customized summaries

    We collaborate to construct custom visual summaries of risk factors, reports, and action items, providing an intuitive overview tailored specifically to your needs and risk landscape.

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    We are committed to ongoing improvement

    We constantly refine your custom solution, using AI technology to keep pace with your business needs and industry trends.

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User-friendly platform to safeguard customers, employees and operations

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  • Comprehensive risk coverage

    Addressing business oversight & Operations management: Monitor various risk categories such as food safety violations, weather, and transportation issues to enhance strategic decision-making and daily operations

  • Advanced data gathering

    Aiding compliance & Safety: Leverage horizon risk scanning and web scraping technologies to stay abreast of regulatory changes and industry trends, ensuring alignment with food safety and compliance requirements

  • Food poisoning outbreaks

    Supporting food safety managers: Gain real-time access to food safety signals from iwaspoisoned.com, assisting in immediate responses to potential foodborne illness outbreaks

  • Customized alerts and notifications

    Enhancing crisis management & Supply chain Coordination: Receive tailored alerts that align with your specific operational needs, facilitating rapid responses to potential risks and disruptions in supply

  • Powerful data analytics

    Empowering marketing & Operations analysis: Utilize data insights to identify trends and make data-driven decisions that bolster marketing strategies, minimize risk, and optimize performance across multiple locations

  • Reliable data integration

    Strengthening IT & Technological risk anagement: Seamlessly integrate with critical data sources like the National Weather Service and food agency APIs, bolstering your technological infrastructure and enhancing accuracy in risk assessments

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Partnering with industry leaders

"We are delighted to have Cheesecake Factory as one of our premiere partners. Cheesecake Factory are thought leaders in the food safety space, their commitment to food safety, attention to detail, and exemplary leadership are a perfect fit for our services"
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The future of food safety is digital

Discover how Chick-Fil-A utilizes social media in their food safety program: " For us in this journey with analytics and food safety, we're going from a place of hindsight to insight ... and eventually foresight so we can be more proactive in helping our Restaurants better identify and address food safety risks,"
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New technology for a safer food system

"The New Era of smarter Food Safety initiative will build on the foundation built by the Food Safety Modernization Act by using new technologies and approaches to help create a more digital, safer, and traceable food system "
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