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Effectively manage your company's reputation with proactive monitoring and response strategies.

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Effectively manage your brand reputation

Designed to help businesses monitor online reviews and proactively address customer feedback, this comprehensive tool enhances your company's image and drives customer

  • Reputation management

    Keep track of customer feedback and online reviews, enabling you to proactively address concerns and protect your business's reputation. 

  • Sentiment analysis

    Leverage advanced sentiment analysis tools to gain insights into customer opinions and identify trends that can inform your business strategy 

  • Competitive benchmarking

    Compare your online reviews and ratings with those of your competitors, helping you identify areas for improvement and maintain a competitive edge in the market. 

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Monitor reviews across multiple platforms, including exclusive access to ensuring you have a complete picture of your online presence and food safety risk.

  • User-friendly dashboard

    Access a user-friendly dashboard that consolidates all your review data in one place, making it easy to track, analyze, and respond to customer feedback. 

  • Data-driven decision making

     Leverage insights from online reviews to make informed decisions on product and service improvements, customer support, and food safety initiatives 

Trusted by leading food industry and health care brands

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Partnering with industry leaders

"We are delighted to have Cheesecake Factory as one of our premiere partners. Cheesecake Factory are thought leaders in the food safety space, their commitment to food safety, attention to detail, and exemplary leadership are a perfect fit for our services"
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The future of food safety is digital

Discover how Chick-Fil-A utilizes social media in their food safety program: " For us in this journey with analytics and food safety, we're going from a place of hindsight to insight ... and eventually foresight so we can be more proactive in helping our Restaurants better identify and address food safety risks,"
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New technology for a safer food system

"The New Era of smarter Food Safety initiative will build on the foundation built by the Food Safety Modernization Act by using new technologies and approaches to help create a more digital, safer, and traceable food system "
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