DineSafe to Speak at 2024 NEHA Annual Educational Conference

updated on 11 March 2024

We're excited to share that Dinesafe will be presenting at the National Environmental Health Association’s 87th Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition in July 2024. The conference will take place in 2024 between July 15th - 18th. Our presentation is titled “Foodborne Illness and Crowdsourced Data: Opportunities, Challenges, and an Introduction to Iwaspoisoned.com.”


The annual NEHA Conference is an important event—it's an event that brings together a diverse range of professionals – from environmental health to public safety and beyond. This convergence is crucial for exchanging ideas, discussing challenges, and uncovering solutions that benefit public health at large.

NEHA, founded in 1937 in California, has been instrumental in setting standards for the environmental health profession. The organization's commitment to excellence and its role in professionalizing the field is a testament to the importance of such gatherings for knowledge exchange and professional development.

At Dinesafe, our involvement in this conference reflects our dedication to public health. We aim to discuss the role of crowdsourced data in addressing foodborne illnesses, a topic we believe is crucial for improving health outcomes.

As stated by our founder, "We are honored to participate in an event that aligns so closely with our mission of ensuring community safety and health. The work done by environmental health organizations, especially under the impressive leadership of NEHA's David Dyjack, a friend and supporter, is crucial for protecting our communities and improving our quality of life. It's a privilege to collaborate with and learn from such dedicated professionals in this field.”

We're looking forward to the conference and plan to share our experiences and learnings on our blog. Dinesafe and Iwaspoisoned.com effectively leverage technology to enhance food safety for leading food brands and public health agencies. Both provide platforms for reporting foodborne illnesses. We actively share our knowledge through various talks; for more details on our presentations, visit our talks page


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