DineSafe to Speak at Central Texas Environmental Health Association Conference 2024

published on 15 March 2024

DineSafe is thrilled to announce its participation in the Central Texas Chapter Spring Conference, set for May 16th - 17th, 2024, in San Marcos, Texas. Our presentation will be focused on leveraging consumer crowdsourcing in identifying food safety trends in real-time. Read more about the details of Central Texas’s Spring event here.

The Central Texas Chapter, with jurisdiction over an extensive geographic area of over 50,000 square miles, has organized a two-day conference dedicated to education, networking, and the exchange of ideas. Highlighting their commitment to public health and safety, the conference features a General Environmental Health track aimed at fostering continuous learning within the field. This initiative not only reflects the Chapter's commendable dedication to ensuring the well-being of Central Texas, but also resonates with our ongoing commitment to public health and safety. We are eagerly anticipating our participation in this event, as it presents a perfect alignment with our values and showcases the significance of collaborative efforts in advancing our shared goals in public health and safety enhancement!


The Texas Environmental Health Association (TEHA), established in 1956, has long been at the forefront of advocating for the improvement of environmental health standards and public welfare throughout the state. With its roots as the Texas Association of Sanitarians, TEHA has been instrumental in the professional development of sanitarians and environmental health professionals, achieving significant milestones such as the sponsorship of the Texas statute for the Registration of Professional Sanitarians in 1965.

TEHA's influence extends across six chapters: Central Texas, East Texas, Gulf Coast, North Texas, Panhandle West Texas, and South Texas, each contributing to the association's mission to enhance health and environmental welfare. This conference, hosted by the Central Texas Chapter, represents a crucial gathering for professionals dedicated to environmental health, offering a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and the exploration of new solutions to current public health challenges.

For more information on our future and past presentations, please visit our events page here.

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