DineSafe/Iwaspoisoned CEO speaks at Santa Clara’s Department of Environmental Health Conference

updated on 11 March 2024

Dinesafe/Iwaspoisoned.com CEO Patrick Quade spoke at Santa Clara’s Department of Environmental Health Conference on October 18th, 2023 in California. The conference convened experts in environmental health, food safety, research, and education, providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and updates on recent developments in the sector.

The Department of Health in Santa Clara oversees the well-being and safety of a community exceeding 1.9 million individuals, monitoring over 4,000 food establishments.

Patrick's presentation, "An Introduction to Iwaspoisoned & The Opportunities and Challenges of Crowdsourced Food Safety Data," delved into the intricacies of his platform, Iwaspoisoned.com. This platform gathers consumer reports on suspected food poisoning incidents. His discussion centered around how this data can be practically utilized, particularly for early outbreak detection, and its significance in enhancing public health efforts. Additionally, his talk shed light on the nuances of interpreting and utilizing these data points, providing a thorough perspective on an essential aspect of modern food safety management.

Thank you to Santa Clara County for the opportunity to speak at their conference. It was a fantastic experience, learning, collaborating, and sharing insights with professionals from various sectors, including environmental and public health. These interactions are vital for gaining new perspectives and building connections, which are essential for innovation and growth in our space!

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