DineSafe to Present at Georgia Environmental Health Association's Annual Education Conference

updated on 22 April 2024

DineSafe is excited to participate in the upcoming Annual Education Conference hosted by the Georgia Environmental Health Association (GEHA) from August 27th to 29th, 2024, in Lake Lanier, GA. We will be presenting on the innovative use of consumer crowdsourcing to monitor food safety trends as they occur. If you’d like to learn more about the GEHA Annual Conference, click here.

The GEHA, a key non-profit entity, focuses on enhancing the professional growth of those involved in environmental health across various sectors such as government, academia, and industry. Additionally, they are responsible for the well-being of approximately 11 million people. GEHA aims to foster training, support, and certification in the field, thereby playing an indispensable role in protecting public health and safety through a holistic approach to environmental health.

Working closely yet independently from the Georgia Department of Public Health and the Georgia Department of Agriculture, GEHA undertakes a wide range of educational and advocacy activities. These initiatives aim not only to improve community well-being but also to promote sustainable practices among businesses and industries throughout Georgia.


GEHA is committed to advancing public and environmental health through education, community involvement, and professional development. The organization prioritizes openness and the regular update of environmental health information to reflect its evolving nature.

Highlighting its dedication, GEHA annually hosts a three-day conference focused on education, networking, and idea sharing—a testament to GEHA's commitment to public health and safety. Supported by leading entities in environmental health and technology, such as the Association of Food and Drug Officials, the conference aligns with our commitment to enhancing public health and safety.

We look forward to speaking at this event, as it closely aligns with our principles of commitment to collective action for better public health and safety!

For additional information about our upcoming and previous presentations, please visit our events page here.

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