Visualizing Our Global Consumer Reporting Footprint

published on 11 March 2024

The Power of Global Crowdsourcing to Strengthen Food Safety

DineSafe owns the leading consumer food safety platform, This platform allows consumers globally to share their food safety experiences. With native support for seven languages, we've received reports from over 170 countries.

Collecting food safety reports from consumers through crowdsourcing provides new and valuable insights, enhancing our understanding of the evolving landscape of food safety. This approach facilitates the collection of real-time, firsthand experiences, providing direct insights into issues potentially overlooked by conventional data-gathering techniques. By incorporating crowdsourcing, we deepen our comprehension of food safety practices and trends, thereby supporting the continuous evolution of food safety management.

Visualizing the Reach of Consumer Reports We Receive Worldwide


The global reach of DineSafe and demonstrates that every consumer submission, whether it is from a restaurant or a product purchased at a grocery store, contributes to a broader understanding of food safety trends worldwide.

*Note, approximately 30% of all consumer reports are publicly shown on; this is based on consumer choice and preference at the time of reporting.

A Network of Collaboration

We've also established partnerships with over 400 public health agencies across various regions—discover more about our collaboration here. This collaboration, combined with globally crowdsourced consumer reports from, social media scans, a detailed regulatory database, and more, empowers key players in the food industry by offering comprehensive, real-time summaries of food safety incidents and trends, and tools to help remediate and mitigate risk.

Our Focus on Food Safety & Education

We strengthen our relationships with consumers, public health agencies, and their communities by presenting insights about food safety and the effectiveness of crowdsourcing at various conferences, educational events, and symposiums. We have participated in more than 50 global events, interacting with and educating public health departments, county health officials, food safety professionals, environmental health specialists, and more. Read about our past and upcoming events here.

Our efforts reflect our continuous commitment to not only improving food safety trends, but keeping communities educated on such topics, worldwide.

Join Us

We warmly welcome everyone to become a part of our growing community, working towards strengthened food safety!

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