Mapping DineSafe's Nationwide Public Health Partnership Reach

updated on 11 March 2024

Crowdsourcing's Impact on Public Health

DineSafe partners with over 400 public health organizations. We utlize crowdsourced reports of consumers' foodborne illness experiences from This aids public health organizations in enhancing food safety in their respective areas. These partnerships serve as a link between the public and health authorities. This method of crowdsourcing is vital for public health agencies as it provides real-time, geo-fenced data, offering a comprehensive view of food safety issues as they arise.

Visualizing Our U.S. Public Health Subscribers

The map illustrates over 400 public health subscribers in the United States, including  county-level and statewide health departments. Each of these organizations leverages our platform for up-to-date insights on regional food safety issues.


The partnership between DineSafe and many public health organizations has helped to enhance food safety practices. Our primary function in this partnership is to act as a channel for information, linking reported cases of foodborne illnesses with authorities capable of investigating and addressing these issues.

Public Health Testimonials

  • "I applaud you. Giving consumers an additional way to report their poor experiences. Keep up the good work!" | Long Beach California's Health & Human Services
  • “Your website was a great way for people to reach out and report their illness.” | Connecticut Department of Health
  • "We use this daily to follow-up on illnesses and add reports to our own database." | City of Denton, Texas
  • "Partnering with is a logical choice for enhancing our food safety efforts." | Florida's Department of Health, Food, and Waterborne Disease Program

Advancing Food Safety through Education and Community Engagement

Our commitment to food safety and public health is demonstrated through our active participation in 50+ worldwide events, where we share insights on food safety and the impact of crowdsourcing. These events, ranging from conferences to educational gatherings, have allowed us to engage with a diverse group of professionals, including public health departments, county health officials, and environmental health specialists. Read about our past and upcoming events here.

We remain committed to supporting and improving public health initiatives through our platform, and we aim to further expand our network of public health partnerships.

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