DineSafe Set to Present at North Carolina's Environmental Health Symposium

updated on 11 March 2024

We are honored to announce we will be presenting at North Carolina's 2024 Environmental Health Symposium in New Bern, NC, on July 25th, 2024!

Organized by the North Carolina Environmental Health State of Practice Committee (NCEHSOP), the event will be attended by representatives from NCEHSOP, the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS), Environmental Health Specialists, and others.

Serving a population exceeding 10 million, NCEHSOP and NC DHHS jointly oversee the safety and well-being of the entire state. Their commitment to continuous education and care for their people is commendable. We look forward to speaking at their event this year, as it aligns with our ongoing commitment to public health and safety!


The North Carolina Environmental Health State of Practice (NCEHSOP) Committee, established in 1981, provides continuing education and workforce development for Environmental Health professionals in North Carolina. It collaborates with various state and local agencies, including the NC Division of Public Health and Area Health Education Centers. NCEHSOP has been recognized for its innovative work in state and local agency cooperation.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services manages the state's health and human services. It works in collaboration with healthcare professionals, community leaders, and stakeholders at local, state, and federal levels to ensure effective service delivery.

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